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Pricing TOP

All items are quoted in U.S. currency.  Sales tax, if applicable, & shipping will be calculated accordingly.  You will be responsible for paying the sales tax & shipping that is accumulated with your order.  If you have an international order and are shipping outside of the United States you are responsible for any additional shipping and/or fees that may apply.

Returns & Canceled Orders TOP

Each item is custom ordered specifically to your requests, therefore no cancellations, returns, or refunds will be issued.  If it was a mistake on our part then we will gladly fix it.

Will it be perfect TOP

No, each item is individually hand stamped and not done by a machine therefore it will not be perfect.  The imperfections are not defects, but rather they are what add to the unique quality and charm of each item truly making every piece one-of-a-kind.

How long does it take before I receive my order? TOP

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your custom item to be created and then shipped.  If it will be longer than that you will be notified or it will be posted on the website.  Many times it does not take the full 2 weeks however during the busy times it could.

Care & Cleaning TOP

Sterling silver and copper can tarnish quickly.  Keeping your item in the tiny baggy it arrives in while not wearing it will slow down the tarnishing, but not eliminate it.  I recommend not wearing your hand stamped jewelry in the shower, pool, etc.  You can use a pro-polish pad or a polishing cloth to clean your jewelry when necessary.

Disclaimer TOP

Bee Jaded: Hand Stamped Jewelry makes every effort to make safe and functional jewelry designs.  Bee Jaded is not responsible for any injury caused by a piece of jewelry ordered from this website.

*Please note that no 2 pieces will be exactly alike due to the nature of hand stamping and doing each individual letter by hand.  That is what makes each piece truly unique, special, and one-of-a-kind!  I hope you LOVE wearing your necklace as much as I LOVE wearing mine, and as much as I LOVE making them.

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